Laboratório de Pesquisas Interdisciplinares em Informação Multimídia
Terminus: A Digital Platform for Creation of Terminological Dictionaries for the Brazilian Sign Language

This project proposes the development of a novel digital platform prototype, named Terminus, to support the creation of terminological dictionaries for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Brazilian Sign Language (Libras). In an attempt to establish a convention among educators and other professionals, as well as to contribute for an effective learning process of deaf or hard of hearing students during the study of signless technical concepts, we propose a platform based on computational methods to assist the creation of terminological neologisms that will constitute new STEM dictionaries. More specifically, we propose the use of computer vision algorithms for shape extraction and description from the visual representation (illustration) of a signless technical concept, as well as natural language processing methods for determining the stem of its corresponding Portuguese term. By comparing those pieces of information of the signless technical concept with the corresponding ones of general-purpose signs in a repository, our approach should automatically create a meaningful new sign from the existing ones with similar features. The digital platform to be developed should provide a low cost and intuitive user interface based on a 3D signing avatar for presenting and explaining in Libras the meanings of STEM concepts of interest. To validate the automatically created technical signs, before making them available to end-users, our platform should include a module to be especially used by an evaluation committee composed by fluent Libras signers with knowledge about SignWriting, who will consider aspects such as, the phonetic, phonological and morphological structures of Libras to eventually approve or adapt the signs created. We believe that the present proposal consists in an innovation project with high potential to produce relevant publications in the corresponding research areas and to create a new technology with high added value to support the development of the deaf community.

Prof. Flávio Cardeal. Fore more information: CV Lattes.

Prof. Vera Lima. Fore more information: CV Lattes.

Celso Souza. Fore more information: CV Lattes.

Carlos Carneiro. Fore more information: CV Lattes.

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