Laboratório de Pesquisas Interdisciplinares em Informação Multimídia


Joining the Piim-Lab

The Piim-Lab offers a wide range of opportunities to highly motivated and creative professionals and students who aim at working with research and development. Students interested in joining the Piim-Lab come from diverse backgrounds including Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Linguistics. The ideal students are those who thrive at the intersections of disciplines. Specific background is less important than a track record of achievement and an ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with colleagues within and outside the lab.

Candidates for a graduate degree who are interested in joining the Piim-Lab should apply through one of the following graduate programs of CEFET-MG:

We also love to work with highly-motivated undergraduate students as they provide fresh perspective into the problems we are trying to solve. If you’d like to join the lab, please email the faculty member with whom you’d like to work; include your resume and transcript.

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